Welcome to Tibia Kingdoms
Last joined us: Love Spanky, player number 6029. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Sauron (666). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to Tibia Kingdoms advanced
Free Houses: 36
Rented Houses: 14
Accounts in database: 188
Players in database: 346
Banned accounts: 1
Guilds in databese: 4

Most powerfull guilds

Magic squad

10 kills

Enforcers of the Kingdom

5 kills

0 kills
28.10.14 00:17:51 - GO HERE TO SEE UPDATES.
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06.10.14 20:59:50 - Re-Make
I am currently re-making tibia kingdoms, this time with many more features, no broken systems And this time it will have LORE!, many lore based quests and there will be rewards for people who explore!

Please be advised that there will be a character reset on this date aswell, so everyone will have a fresh new start.
If you have donated prior to this reset, tell Link in game about your Point refund.

Estimated time for this release is Oct 13th, This date may change depending on productivity.
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