Welcome to Tibia Kingdoms
Last joined us: Tony Yanez, player number 7709. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Zoastria (301). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to Tibia Kingdoms advanced
Free Houses: 92
Rented Houses: 17
Accounts in database: 726
Players in database: 1448
Banned accounts: 1
Guilds in databese: 13

Most powerfull guilds

Shining Force

23 kills

Dark Horizon

6 kills


2 kills

Latinos Rules

2 kills

Goon Squad

1 kills

0 kills
28.01.15 11:08:13 - Jan 28 UPDATES
New Smithy/enchanting system use !smithy to get to the smithy

Currently working on: Monster overhaul
Coming up next: Siege
Coming up after: Mapping
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23.01.15 15:46:31 - Jan 24 UPDATES
Esper spells - DONE
Reaper spells - DONE
Sell Fire - DONE
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22.01.15 15:18:10 - Jan 22 UPDATES
Faenths level 120+ has been deleted for AFK cave botting.
Parcel/Mailing system has been added
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