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Night Watch

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13 kills

Enforcers of the Kingdom

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League of Champions

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9 kills

Blackboarded Marauders

9 kills
27.06.14 07:41:53 - Fri/June/27/2014
Sorry for not updating for a while, many RL issues but most have been delt with! so i will be updating from now till July 7th actively.

New map updates~
Added lvl 220 Dwarves fort he third city

More to come today!
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14.06.14 02:47:16 - Fri/June/13/2014
Map Updates!
Assassins spell exhaust cut by 75%
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10.06.14 14:16:33 - Wed/June/11/2014
ALRIGHT here is a small event for myself, i call it the developers challenge, im going to put a list of updates i am planning for today, and then im going to try to make everything i post, I will put a X beside the ones i have Completed. So. Lets get started!

*Make the 5 sets of city 3 monsters

X-Make arrow crafting spell using wood and mining materials.

*Make the equiptable rune accessories , Make Minors arrows dmg 50% of arrows best unlimited 50% of bolt best for majors unlimited

X-Give all Arrow ammo + Speed, mana reg, life reg

X-Give all bolt ammo + Max life, Max mana, Increased self

*Release City 4

*Make city 4 Trader npc

*Make city 3 Puzzle boss
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