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Magic squad

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08.10.14 02:00:04 - READ THIS.
you can basically consider the server Down, but playable at the same time? its basically so people can socalise, get up to date information on the updates, and to get manuals/tutorials on how to do things, and to get a small grasp on how the npcs will act

I figure its better to do this, then to have the server down, and making people wonder if anythings going to happen. its insurance that the server is still alive basicly.

also, if your logged in and talk to link ingame, you may be able to get some of your ideas across, to be put into the new server

the server is scheduled to be released Oct 13th

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06.10.14 20:59:50 - Re-Make
I am currently re-making tibia kingdoms, this time with many more features, no broken systems And this time it will have LORE!, many lore based quests and there will be rewards for people who explore!

Please be advised that there will be a character reset on this date aswell, so everyone will have a fresh new start.
If you have donated prior to this reset, tell Link in game about your Point refund.

Estimated time for this release is Oct 13th, This date may change depending on productivity.
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