Welcome to Tibia Kingdoms
Last joined us: Rezah, player number 7171. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Zoastria (230). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to Tibia Kingdoms advanced
Free Houses: 93
Rented Houses: 16
Accounts in database: 444
Players in database: 913
Banned accounts: 1
Guilds in databese: 9

Most powerfull guilds

Shining Force

11 kills


2 kills

Goon Squad

1 kills

Latinos Rules

1 kills

0 kills
23.01.15 15:46:31 - Jan 24 UPDATES
Esper spells - DONE
Reaper spells - DONE
Sell Fire - DONE

Currently working on: Monster overhaul
Coming up next: Siege
Coming up after: Mapping
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22.01.15 15:18:10 - Jan 22 UPDATES
Faenths level 120+ has been deleted for AFK cave botting.
Parcel/Mailing system has been added
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21.01.15 13:35:56 - Jan 21st UPDATES
Going to be Changing how the updates are posted on the website with more details, and what is currently being updated at the time, so you know whats being worked on and when.

Fixed Potion bug
Vampire spell update - DONE
Battle mage elemental weapon swap on click - DONE
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